St. John's Skyline - 5:04AM

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I had been waiting weeks for the right light to capture these buildings. The brick and stone deserved the complimentary lighting of the early morning. I awoke one day and a glimpse at the sky through a crack in the curtains had me up in an instant. It was early indeed (5:04 AM to be precise). The buildings are:

Left - The Courthouse of St. Johnís Ė a neo-Romanesque building opened in 1904 Ė with the east tower of the Basilica just showing

Top centre - The St. Johnís Masonic Temple, opened in 1897, built by the Freemasons on the site of their former temple burnt in 1892

Centre - The Union Bank Building, built in 1862, it survived the fire of 1892 due to its metal shutters. It is currently the Court of Appeal.

Bottom Centre - The Court of Appeal Annex

Right - The Newfoundland Museum built 1907-1911, on the site of the Anthenaeum, destroyed in the 1892 fire.